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Island Conservation

Invasive Species and Islands
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Islands make up some of the most biologically important sites anywhere on the planet.  Their conservation is of critical importance, as they may act as refuges for rare and endangered species, while they serve as natural laboratories where scientists can study biological processes like evolution.


In 2017, I received a Churchill Fellowship from the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust to research innovative island conservation policy and practice with relevance to the South Pacific and South Atlantic. This included investigating invasive species management with New Zealand’s Department of Conservation, the management of high priority species and ecosystems in Tasmania and Queensland in Australia, and the role of international non-governmental organisations with the UN and WWF in Fiji.

My Churchill Fellowship formed the basis of a report, Island Conservation for an Island Nation, which detailed policy and management recommendations for the islands of the British Isles and the British Overseas Territories.

Find out more and read the report, Island Conservation for an Island Nation with the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust UK.


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